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Our Premium Property Management package is perfect for the sophisticated real estate investor who desires a passive role in tenant relations, vacancies, evictions, and property repairs. We keep your property optimized by conducting an annual cash flow analysis with a report that suggests strategies and changes to keep your ROI strong along with quarterly inspections to keep things running smoothly.

Be a Real Estate Investor

Without the hassle of being a Landlord

Benefits and Services included in the Premium package:

Filling Vacancies with our in-depth, 5-point, Best Tenant Screening Process including complete advertising, interviews, showings, LTB and criminal background checks, along with an independent Credit Check and tenant report

Completing our “Bulletproof Lease Agreement” with up to 72 additional clauses to cover your butt

Ongoing Tenant Relations including our 1st month “Welcome to your new home” program, along with complete Tenant Handbook (clearly explaining all house rules and helpful tips) and ongoing 24-hour tenant support.

Quarterly Property Inspections – From the gutters to the foundation and every toilet in-between! The reports we provide not only give you piece of mind, they are also crucial documents should you ever have an insurance or legal issue in the future.

Property Maintenance – Our in-house handy-person conducts the inspections so that small repairs can be handled immediately at little or no additional cost. Any further repairs or future maintenance will be noted and discussed with the property owner. We will arrange, supervise, and document any additional repairs via a simple work order contract and maintenance report.

Issuing any LTB forms (evictions, notices etc.) – Our Best Tenant Screening Process severely decreases the chances of experiencing a troublesome tenant, but should you already have one before signing up with us, we will issue, document, and file the appropriate documents to ensure the tenant problem is resolved as quickly as possible.

Annual Cash flow Analysis and Suggested Improvements Report – After every 12 months of operation we provide clients with a complete report showing all expenses, including property management, vacancies, repairs & maintenance, and utility usage. We compile data to help you prepare for capital improvements, and can also suggest upgrades which will reduce your expenses and increase your profits.

At Quality Properties For You we treat

Your investment as if it is Our own.

Adrian and Jennifer Ede owners of Quality Properties for You with Scott McGillivray during their 2014 filming of HGTV’s Income Property (Season 9 Episode 12)
Click here to check it out: https://www.hgtv.ca/videos/adrian–jennifer-352079427849/

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